Why broadcast SMS are not going?

Why broadcast SMS are not going?

Here is a checklist for addressing SMS issues:

Check 1: We always suggest to use the Essential SMS due to the strict regulations by TRAI as noted below.

Note: General SMS will not be delivered to users who have opted to not receive SMS as per DnD / TRAI regulations. As far as possible, please use Essential SMS Templates for 100% Delivery.

Note: Essential SMS will be delivered to users even if they are registered with DnD.

Check 2: Check whether user has logged into ADDA atleast once in last 6 months. Follow below link to know why it is required.

Check 3: Verify the Broadcast Logs. The logs are available in General & Essential tabs as an Hyperlink” View Broadcast logs“.

Check 4: Test out by sending yourself an Essential SMS from Units & Users>>Broadcast>>Select the radio button for "Essential SMS".

We also have quick way of sending SMS from the Admin Dashboard, this option will direct you to the Broadcast page wherein you can select the SMS type and send SMS to all the users.

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