Will I get SMS Notification from ADDA, if I have not logged in from a long time?

Will I get SMS Notification from ADDA, if I have not logged in from a long time?

A User will not receive any SMS from ADDA if,

1. User has Never Logged In
2. If a phone number has not been confirmed in the last 6 months.

This is as per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) regulations. We cannot send SMS until the user has opted for it. By logging in into ADDA, they accept our T&C, after which they start receiving updates via SMS.

TRAI mandates all users to provide their consent to get SMS from any provider, every 6 months.

Therefore, sending SMS to any non-verified / non-opted number will penalize/blacklist us(ADDA) from sending further SMS in the future.

Users who have not logged in for a long time, may get emails asking them to verify their phone numbers. Users should verify the same to ensure receipt of admin's broadcasts and other SMS based notifications.

A user can verify his/her phone number by logging into ADDA. 

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