Why assigning multiple names against a single email id is not allowed?

Why assigning multiple names against a single email id is not allowed?

Case I:
In case when a user owns multiple units; the system can store multiple units detail against his/her single email id.

Case II:
In case when different units are owned by different personals; the system authenticates each email id assigned against each unit to ensure the security and privacy policies. And hence populates the same name and mobile no. that was entered by the user while registering with ADDA for the first time.

This structure facilitates users in managing their respective units.

Case III:
In case when a single user needs to manage multiple units owned by different owners; Field ‘Bill-To Name’ can be used.

Example- A family owns 3 units, one in the name of the father, second in the name of mother and third in the name of the son. The son being tech-savvy needs to manage all 3 Units online.
Hence to meet this requirement, a user account with the email id of Son can be created and can be used to manage these 3 units online. At the same time, each unit can be stored with a different ‘Bill-To Name’ ensuring bills raises in the name of actual owners.

FYI: “Bill-To Name” can be updated under, Admin >> Units & Users >> Approved Users >>Search for the user>>on the right hand side select “View/Edit Unit Details”.

Note: ‘Username’ & ‘Bill-To Name’ are designed as independent fields to ensure the system meets each possible requirement of the user.