What kind of reports are available under Admin Reports application?

What kind of reports are available under Admin Reports application?

Reports from all Management and Accounting Applications are consolidated in this application.

Total 156 well customized and very useful live reports are available here for admins to track various parameters such as Residents List, Vehicle report, Maintenance Fee defaulters, Cash Flow report, Expense report, etc.

Note: You can publish the reports to Notice Boards with one click on the button “Publish Selected reports to Notice Board” available at the bottom of the page, so they can be shared with all users.

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    • Who can access Admin reports?

      Access to Admin Reports is available to MC Member and office staff, provided they have access to the Admin reports application. The access can be provided by the moderator only.
    • What are the reports available for tracking the staff/visitor check in/outs?

      Admin has access to well-designed reports of staff and visitor check-in/out history which can be easily analyzed in the case of any incident. You Can view these reports by logging to ADDA>>ADDA Gatekeeper>>Reports. Bring your security gate online ...
    • How can admin reports be scheduled ?

      Please follow below steps to schedule an admin report: Step 1: Login to ADDA >> Admin >> Admin Reports. Step 2: Find the report you want to schedule and click on "Scheduled". A new window opens. Step 3: Choose for whom you want to send the report- ...
    • Admin Features

      1. Unit & Users: The central database of Owners, Tenants & Office Staff. Approve awaiting approval users Add new users View/ edit/ deactivate user database Setup access for Management Committee and Office staff. Send Invites to Residents Send ...
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      Please follow the below steps to add parking slots: Step 1. log in to ADDA >> Go to Admin >> Parking Manager >>Slots. Step 2. Click on the "Add Slot in bulk" button. Step 3. Enter the Slot name, slot type (whether guest slot or member slot), and any ...