What is the 'Already Paid' option and how can I use it?

What is the 'Already Paid' option and how can I use it?

This option is available on your ADDA App and the Portal under the My Unit section.Receipts will be reflected immediately if the payment is done is through the ADDA payment gateway. If the transaction is made through NEFT / IMPS directly to the association's bank account then the user has to submit the intimation where the admin will verify and post the receipt against the flat.
This is especially useful when you make a Direct Bank Transfer, and the Society Staff may not know who had made the Transfer. When they look up the "I Have Paid" data they can reconcile such transfers to your Flat.
(I) Please follow the below steps to submit an "already paid" request on ADDA App :
Login to ADDA APP>>Click on My Unit>>Click on the "Already Paid" option, as shown in the attached screenshot>>Enter the details and click on submit.

(II)Please follow the below steps to submit an "already paid" request on ADDA Portal :

Login to ADDA Portal >> My Unit >>  You will find "Already Paid?" click on it >> Fill in the details and click on Submit.


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