What is GL Account No.?

What is GL Account No.?

"GL Account No." is a unique number associated with each Ledger Account.

Any random number can be assigned to ledger account name but for better management and sequence, it should be in serialized numbers by adding 1 in last highest GL Number already assigned with any Ledger Account.


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    • How to rename GL account ?

      We can rename the GL account after creating it: Step 1: Admin Dashboard-->>General Ledger-->>charts of account Step 2: Overwrite the GL account name in desired Ledger head i.e. Income, Expenses, Assets & Liability & Save changes.
    • Is General Ledger Account No. system generated?

      GL Account Number is not System Generated. You can give a random GL Account number as per your requirement, making sure that the GL Account number is not repeated. It is always better to have GL Account Numbers in sequence to better representation.
    • How to create ledger account?

      Step 1: Go to Admin -->> General Ledger -->> Chart of Accounts Step 2: Select the respective option from Asset/Liabilities/Income/Expense for type of ledger account you want to create.  ​ Step 3: Select the Group from "Group" list box. Step 4: Enter ...
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      To create the bank account in ADDA, kindly follow the below steps: Step 1: Go to General ledger>>Chart of accounts>>Assets. Step 2:Under Set up Bank & Petty Cash Details enter all the details i.e Group, GL account number, and Account name>>Click on ...
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      We can enter the fixed deposit into the system. Step 1: create a GL for fixed deposit in general ledger charts of account. Fixed deposit GL needs to create under Assets in charts of account. Step 2: Pass a journal entry for entering the fixed ...