What are the reports available for tracking the staff/visitor check in/outs?

What are the reports available for tracking the staff/visitor check in/outs?

  • Admin has access to well-designed reports of staff and visitor check-in/out history which can be easily analyzed in the case of any incident.
  • You Can view these reports by logging to ADDA>>ADDA Gatekeeper>>Reports.

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    • Who can access Admin reports?

      Access to Admin Reports is available to MC Member and office staff, provided they have access to the Admin reports application. The access can be provided by the moderator only.
    • What kind of reports are available under Admin Reports application?

      Reports from all Management and Accounting Applications are consolidated in this application. Total 156 well customized and very useful live reports are available here for admins to track various parameters such as Residents List, Vehicle report, ...
    • How is the daily visitor feature helpful?

      In your apartment complex, you must be having daily visitors like milk vendor, newspaper boy, Yoga teacher, etc. Now instead of entering their details, again and again, they can be marked as daily. No hassles of filling up frequent visitor’s ...
    • As an admin how to check the individual staff attendance?

      Please follow the below steps to check the individual staff attendance: Admin >> Staff Manager >> Active >> click on the more details of the staff you wish to see the attendance >> Attendance History.
    • How to manage staff check in/out through ADDA Gatekeeper?

      All staff data can be pre-updated on ADDA through Staff Manager module. Gatekeeper app fetches the data from Staff Manager. Security guard can just Search Staff with name or Badge no. and check-in. Similarly, while checking out guard can search the ...