Updating User Data:

Updating User Data:

There are three available methods for onboarding users:

i. Uploading User data using Excel

ii. Adding manually

iii. Users can join from the ADDA home page.

i. Uploading User data using Excel

In the initial phase, you can onboard users in large groups by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to ADDA -->> Admin -->> Units & Users -->>Add Users

Step 2: Scroll down little to find 'Mass upload' >> Upload Member Data >> Download the CSV template by clicking on ''Excel Template'. 

Step 3: Fill the rows with resident information such as User's Name, Unit No(Block & Unit/Flat No), Occupancy Status(Owner/Owner's Family/Tenant/Tenant's Family), Phone Number with ISD Code, & email id of the user. 

1. Do not edit or delete the header line
2. Make sure you save the filled template as a CSV file and not as an XLS file or any other format. 

Step 3: After filling the required details, Click on 'Upload the filled template' button and upload CSV file.

Step 4: The data becomes visible within the 'Add Users' section, providing a preview. 

Step 4:  You have the option to edit or make changes to the records, and once you are content with them, you can proceed by clicking 'Create User Accounts.' Please note that this step may require some time as user accounts are generated within your ADDA, and emails will be sent to the respective residents.

Please do not refresh the screen till the process is complete.

i. Adding manually:

Administrators can directly add users to ADDA when there is a new owner/tenant by following the steps below:

Step 1: After logging in, go to Admin >> Units & Users>> ADD Users.

Step 2: Fill all the information such as Name, Block, Flat No., Mobile No., Intercom, User Status, if Owner/Tenant/Owner Family/Tenant Family & Email Id.

Step 3: Select "Also send Invites" if you want to send invite email automatically which contains User Id & Temp Password >>  Click on Create user account.

The user added will be listed on the Units & Users >> Approved User list.

iii. Users can join from the ADDA home page: 

Joining your ADDA is super simple. 

ADDA App is supported on both android and iOS smartphones. User can download the ADDA App from the Play Store/App Store on Their     phone.

Please click on the below link to download the ADDA App:

For Android Phones: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? id=com.threefiveeight.adda

Below is the stepwise guidance:

Step 1: After Downloading the ADDA app
Step 2: Click on CREATE ACCOUNT.
Step 3: Search for your community.
Step 4: Enter your Name, Email ID, Occupancy Type, Unit No., and Mobile no.
Step 5: Click JOIN.

You will get an OTP, enter it and that's it.
Your account will be activated shortly by your Community Admin. 
Post-approval you will receive a welcome email with your login credentials to ADDA.

You can also try the above joining process through ADDA.IO.



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