Updating of Vehicle, Staff and Asset data

Updating of Vehicle, Staff and Asset data

Vehicle, Staff and Asset data can be updated one by one OR can be updated through bulk upload.
In case you want the bulk upload, Please login to ADDA and go to,
Admin >> Admin Files >> ADDA Agreements >> Here find all three templates.
Please fill in these templates and send them back to us through support ticket for bulk upload from the backend.

To update one by one please follow below,

Vehicle data update:
Using Parking Manager admin can track all Vehicles, Parking Slots, and RFID Tags in one place.  Also gets list of all allotted and Un allotted parking Slots.

To Setup parking slots of your apartment:
i. Go to Admin >> Parking Manager>>Setup
ii. Click on the “Add Slot” button and enter the required details.
Once the parking slots are added, either the user or admin can update the vehicle details.
Click here to know more in detail: http://faq.adda.io/category/admins-dashboard/parking-manager/


Staff data update:
Admin can add domestic staff working for respective flats such as Drivers, Cooks, Maids, Baby Caretakers, etc. in Domestic Staff Manager Module. These users do not need access to your ADDA.

To Setup domestic staff:
i. Go to Admin >> Staff Manager>>click on Setup tab.
ii. Here add categories like security, Gardener, Housekeeping, etc.
iii. Click on Save Changes.
iv. Go to Admin  >>Staff Manager  >> View All >> Active tab.
v. Click on Add Staff button, a separate window opens. Fill in the staff details required.
vi. Click Add staff.
To know more click here: http://faq.adda.io/category/admins-dashboard/domestic-staff-manager/


Asset data Update:
Information on capital assets can be stored here. Like Asset name, tag number, purchase price & date, scanned documents, Service providers contact detail, Service History of this asset, etc. Also, Email or SMS alerts can be set up for preventive maintenance appointments, renewal of AMC contracts, etc.

To Setup Assets:
Step 1 : Go to Admin >> Asset & Inventory Tracker >> View All >> SetUp >>
Step 2: Add all the Asset Categories like Lifts, Electrical Devices, Housekeeping, etc.
Step 3: Click on Assets Tab >> Active Assets >> Add Assets.
A new window opens wherein you can provide all the asset details such as Asset Name, Asset Tag Number, Vendor Name, Asset Category, Location, Purchase Date & Asset Cost.
Step 3: Click Create  Asset. And the asset added will be listed under the active assets tab.
Step 4: For the particular Asset, click on More details.
Step 5: A separate window pops up, you can add/view all the details like Subcomponents, Vendor Contacts, Service history, Alerts, Scanned documents & Related Tickets for that particular Asset.
To know more click here: http://faq.adda.io/how-to-add-assets/

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