Transition to ADDA Gatekeeper App - Potential Notification Issues and Solutions

Transition to ADDA Gatekeeper App - Potential Notification Issues and Solutions

You have recently subscribed to the ADDA Gatekeeper application. During this change management process, we anticipate potential issues, such as Visitor App to App notifications, arising from various parameters outlined below. We kindly request your cooperation during this transition phase, and rest assured, we will address these issues in a phased manner.

  • Connectivity Issues: In cases of internet instability or insufficient bandwidth at the security or resident end, residents or security guards may experience delays in receiving notifications/response. 

  • Operating System: The operating system may restrict certain app functionalities, especially if the app has not been used for a while, causing it to enter sleep mode and stop sending notifications.

  • Battery Optimization: Enabling battery optimization settings on mobile devices might restrict the app from running in the background, potentially causing delays or they may not receive the notification.

  • Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode:  If Android's DND mode or iPhone's focus mode is active, and the Embassy Resi app isn't added to the allowed list, notifications may not be received.

To enhance residents' experiences, we recommend the following ways:-

  • Enable Auto-Approval: For frequently visited categories such as deliveries, consider enabling auto-approval to streamline access for such visitors. 

  • Add Expected Visitors: Suggest residents to use the Expected Visitors feature to expedite the entry process.

  • Troubleshooting Steps: Encourage residents to follow troubleshooting steps for self help Notification troubleshoot.

  • Raise a Support Ticket: If issues persist after following the troubleshooting steps, residents are needed to raise a support ticket for further assistance.This way we can try to resolve their issue.

We are committed to assisting you to the best of our ability, acknowledging that the notification issue may not have a permanent resolution due to the factors mentioned. 

If you have any further queries or concerns, please feel free to reach out to ADDA software support

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