Refund for online payments through Razorpay

Refund for online payments through Razorpay

Did you get a message that "There was some error in processing your payment. Please try again" ?
Shows message as "Awaiting Confirmation of Payment / Success" , but still Money is deducted from your bank account ?

Reason for getting above message can be an unsuccessful transaction.
Transaction failure occurs usually when the transaction processing doesn't complete on time because of any technical issues.
Or this can also happen if you have tried going back after entering the OTP.

So now what next?
Money will be automatically refunded to your account in 5 -7 working Days.

What if not received beyond 7 days?
Claim the refund by following below steps:

Step 1: Get a copy of your bank account statement which shows the money deduction.

Step 2: Visit your bank's website and find the dispute form. Every banks websites do a have a dispute handling process.

Step 3 : Submit the dispute form online with copy of your bank statement as proof of debit,  stating " Money has been debited from my account and I have not received any services or refund".  
You request will reach the "chargeback/dispute department" of the bank to process it further.

If preferred you can also visit bank directly.
Note: Customer Care department of the bank would not be able to help in refund cases. So please contact the right department, i.e, Chargeback/Dispute department.

Thats it! 

Now you can track the refund status by clicking on the link below.

PS: ADDA is associated with third party payment gateway provider. A refund thus involves an exchange of information between 3-4 different parties(Bank, partnered bank and payment gateway). Each of these parties has its own mechanisms to file the refund request, map it to their respective payments that were originally made and then process it forward.

Many of these processes in the banking ecosystem are not fully automated and require manual check. Hence takes some time to conclude.

Please check the below mentioned links for more details: