Notification Troubleshoot - I am not receiving ADDA App Notifications on my phone

Notification Troubleshoot - I am not receiving ADDA App Notifications on my phone

Receipt of notifications can fail for several reasons. It could be a problem of incompatible phone settings or failure to process an app update successfully. Read on to find a few DIY solutions to resolve notification receipt failure.

  1. Notification delivery depends on ADDA App Settings :

    1. Go to ADDA App >> Profile Page >> Notification Settings/Gatekeeper Settings >> Please check if all the notification settings are switched On.  

    2. Go to ADDA App >> Profile Page >> Notification Settings >> Send Me a Test Notification. It will check the settings and process notifications. If it fails there could be several reasons, please continue the following

    3. Re-login to ADDA App 

    4. Clear the data /cache. Go to phone settings. Settings >> Installed app or Apps and Notification >> Choose ADDA app >>storage/memory >> Clear Data/ Clear cache data. Click on the clear Data

    5. Reinstall/Upgrade ADDA App 

  1. Notification delivery depends on Device Settings :

    1. If you have any Battery Optimizer Apps like Greenify, Clean Master, Wakelock detector etc please whitelist ADDA App in them 

    2. Some phones may not receive notifications if you force kill the app. Please ensure the back button is pressed to exit app. 

    3.  If your mobile has Autostart, please list ADDA in the Autostart app.

  1. Different Phones have issues with Notifications due to device model specific settings. We have listed some troubleshooting methods for the following popular phones :

    Iphone Phones

Asus Phones

Lenovo Phones

One Plus Phones

Samsung Phones

Xiaomi Phones

Vivo Phones

There is a helpful list by slack, please check it out: Android Notification Issues

If your phone model is not listed here please send us a mail at with the make and operating system of your phone.

If the issue persists please check the following references :

  1. Doze mode impact

  2. Developer doze mode test

  3. Effects of doze standby

  4. Whatsapp notifications help

  5. Manufacturers tweak impact notifications

  6. Force stop of app kills notifications

  7. Notifications stop on stopping app

  8. Broadcast receiver issues

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