I do not wish to receive ADDA discussions by Email. How do I set my preferences?

I do not wish to receive ADDA discussions by Email. How do I set my preferences?

Please follow the below steps to set up Email notification preferences  :

1. Login to your ADDA

2. On MyADDA , you will find  Hello < Name > on the top right hand corner of the page.

3.Upon clicking on < Name > , you will find option  : Edit Preferences

4. On the resulting screen , go to the tab : Notifications

You can setup your email notification preferences here .

Note : Any important messages sent by your Management Committee like Maintenance Disruptions, Admin Notices,Invoices, Receipts, Helpdesk Ticket Updates will be delivered to your inbox irrespective of the above setting.

If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket
EmailUs: support@apartmentadda.com

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