I am not receiving notifications on my ADDA Application.

I am not receiving notifications on my ADDA Application.

Please follow the below steps in case you are not receiving notifications on your ADDA App:
Step 1. Clear the data /cache
Go to the phone settings
Settings >> Installed app or Apps and Notification >> Choose ADDA app>>storage/memory>>Clear Data/ Clear cache data.
Click on the clear Data

Step 2. Once you log in please click on your profile pic.
Step 3. Click on notifications settings.
Step 4 : Check all the settings and click on Send me a Test notification
Step 5 :You will get the Test Notification
Step 6 :  If you are not getting the Test notification you will find Notification not generated page. Below you need to click on Notify ADDA.
Step 7 : Click on POST, system will create a ticket, we will check it from the back end.
Hope the above steps will help you to resolve the notifications issue, please revert for further support, we are happy to help you.

If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket
EmailUs: support@apartmentadda.com

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