How to view the Cash Book?

How to view the Cash Book?

Cash is treated just like any other Bank Account.

Log in to ADDA -->> Admin -->> Admin Dashboard -->> Bank & Cash -->> Bank & Cash Accounts-->> Please select the Petty Cash / Cash account from the list of Bank/Cash, and click on “Fetch Transactions” -->> You can export the Cashbook into excel and PDF, export options are available at the bottom of the page.

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    • How to record small petty cash expenses without vendor name or vendor invoice?

      Small expenses (petty cash expenses) need not mandatory to have the invoice to book into the system . those expenses and payment can be recorded straight away: Steps are as below: Step 1: Login to ADDA ->  Admin -> Expense Tracker Step 2: Select "By ...
    • How to view all the Withdrawals or Deposits made in the Bank?

      Log in to ADDA -->> Admin Dashboard -->> Bank & Cash -->> Transfer -->> You will be able to view  Withdrawals or Deposits made in the Bank.
    • How to post a cash / Petty cash withdrawal entry ?

      Step 1: Go to Admin –>> Bank & Cash –>> Transfer Step 2: Select Bank Account/ Name in "From Account" column (it should be the bank from where money has to be withdrawn) Step 3: Select “Petty Cash” Account in the "To Account" column. (it should be the ...
    • How to record the petty cash expenses?

      You can record these Expenses in the 1st Category i.e. Unassigned. Step 1:  Go to Admin Dashboard–>>Expense Tracker–>>Select a relevant vendor or Unassigned vendor Step 2: Click on Payment–>>Enter the amount–>>mode of Payment select cash–>>Enter the ...
    • How to generate petty cash statement by period?

      Step 1: Login to ADDA -->> Admin -->> Bank & Cash -->> Bank & Cash Accounts Step 2: Select date range. Step 3: Select Petty Cash. Step 4: Click on Fetch Transaction.   Note: this will provide all Inflow and output of petty cash transactions.