How to use the Covid Vaccination Tracker? How do I mark myself vaccinated?

How to use the Covid Vaccination Tracker? How do I mark myself vaccinated?

It is a simple feature in your ADDA App where Residents who have received their dose can mark themselves as vaccinated.

Step 1: Log in to ADDA App. (If you don't have the ADDA App or don't know how to login refer to this FAQ link:

Step 2: Under "HOME", you will find COVID19 Vaccination Tracker under Featured.

Step 3: Click on "Mark Yourself Vaccinated"

Step 4: Enter the required details like Name of Vaccine, Date of Vaccination,etc and click on SUBMIT.

Step 5: Post Submit, you will be marked Vaccinated and the same will be displayed to your neighborhood.

For further information, please visit :

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