How to use Home Quarantine Tracker?

How to use Home Quarantine Tracker?

Purpose of Home Quarantine Tracker:

  1. Bring clarity to the Association on which are the Homes on Quarantine, what is their Quarantine End date. This helps the Association plan for services to the Quarantined Flats such as Door Delivery, Sanitisation, etc.
  2. Bring Empathy from other Residents where they “Send Goodwill wishes” and could even offer help to the Quarantined Units.
  3. Encourage Residents to self-declare their Homes that are on Quarantine.
Please follow the below steps to add your unit on Quarantine:
Step 1: Go to ADDA App. Click on the Top Banner of “Home Quarantine Tracker”.

Step 2: Click on “Add your Unit on Quarantine”

Step 3: Enter your Quarantine Details and click on "Submit".

Step 4: Once you have marked your unit on Quarantine, your association admins will be notified. You can also view the other units in your ADDA in Quarantine by clicking on "View Units on Quarantine".

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