How to upload members opening balance in bulk?

How to upload members opening balance in bulk?

When commencing accounting entries in ADDA, you have the option to display the balance of previous years as the Opening Balance in ADDA. The following steps outline how to monitor the opening balance for each unit:

Step 1: Go to Income Tracker >> Member Income >> Bulk Posting >> Upload Opening Balances 

Step 2: A) Direct Posting:-
              Click on “Opening Balance in Batch” >> In the new window, you will find a Unit List, next to the Unit >> Enter the Amount(In case of Dues mention the amount(Like 1000), In case of Advances, mention the amount in negative(-1000) >> Select the Income Head as Opening Balance >> Update the comment >> Enter the Date >> Save. 


B) Posting Via Excel: 
        Click on “Opening Balance using Excel” >> In the new window, step 1, download the template >> Fill the data into the template as per the instructions in steps 2 >> Save the file in CSV and upload the same. 

Afterwards, the details will be shown in the preview. Save the details.