How To Set up Gatekeeper App and ADDA App Notification?

How To Set up Gatekeeper App and ADDA App Notification?

Are you new to ADDA Gatekeeper? Do you want to know how to configure the settings before using GateKeeper?
Below are the few steps that will help you configure ADDA GateKeeper for your society:

Login to ADDA>>Admin>>ADDA GateKeeper>>Setup>>Select the Tab for “Gatekeeper App”.

Note: Please make sure you select the checkboxes as per your requirements.


Setup the Gates for your ADDA

Admin >> ADDA GateKeeper >> Setup >> Under setup gates update the Gate name and enable the checkbox according to your usage >> Save.







Setup the visitor entry reasons and maximum duration limit for the same : 

Admin >> ADDA GateKeeper >> Setup >> under Setup Visitor Entry Reasons update the visitor entry reasons and configure the max duration limit for the same >> Save.


Setup of the ID card footer image for owners and tenants:

Admin >> ADDA GateKeeper>> Setup >> Under Setup User Categories upload the new image for owner and tenants id card >> Save.

Setup Office Staff Notifications : 

Admin >> ADDA GateKeeper >> Setup >> Under Setup Office Staff Notifications enable/disable the checkbox against the staff >> Save.

Setup Incident Categories : 

Admin >> ADDA GateKeeper >> Setup >> Under Incident Categories.

Setup GateKeeper Passcodes:

Admin >> ADDA GateKeeper >> Setup >> Under Setup GateKeeper Passcodes>>Enter a six digit passcode that the security can remember easily.

This passcode will be used by securities to unlock the GateKeeper application.


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