How to set escalation for Helpdesk requests?

How to set escalation for Helpdesk requests?

A Request can be auto-escalated to the person on the next level/Admin when no update happens to it within a certain time frame set by the Admin. The minimum time in which a Complaint can be escalated is 1 day. Requests can’t be escalated if there is an update in the ticket in certain hours.

You can set up Multi-Level Escalation here. An Email will go to higher Levels if the request has not been updated in the requisite number of days:

Step 1: Login to ADDA -->> Admin -->> HelpDesk Tracker -->> Escalation.

Step 2: Click "View" on the category, if you wish to do the escalation setup. A separate window pops up.

Step 3: Choose the Level 1 Owners responsible for handling tickets in a specific category according to your workflow.  Also, you have the flexibility to select up to 3 Administrators who can be assigned to shifts based on their working hours. Depending on their assigned shifts, email notifications will be sent to them when a ticket is lodged.

Additionally, you can opt to send SMS notifications to Level 1 Owners, with three available options:

1. Shift Owners: This sends SMS notifications to the person available during the respective shift.
2. All Owners: This sends SMS notifications to all Level 1 Owners regardless of their shifts.
3. Don't Send SMS: You can deactivate SMS notifications for Level 1 Owners."

Step 4: To escalate the request to Level 2, you can designate the next-level contact, who may be a person from the management level. You have the option to select two Level 2 owners as Primary and Secondary contacts.

You must specify the number of days within which the request should be escalated. Additionally, you can enable the 'Owner 2 Send SMS' option. This setting will initiate an Email/SMS escalation of the request at 9:30 AM in accordance with your configured settings.

Step 5: Same as in Step 3, you can set Escalation to Level 3 and Save.

Step 6: Enable the "Send SMS" option for Level 2 and Level 3 Owners in case you wish to send SMS to those owner levels.

Note: Request will be escalated at 9:30 Am & SMS will be sent at that time

Now your Helpdesk Tracker is set and ready for the users to start lodging their complaints!