How to send App Notification/Flash?

How to send App Notification/Flash?

App Notifications/Flash messages are promptly delivered to users with the ADDA App, appearing as instant notifications on their mobile devices. Additionally, when users log into the ADDA portal, these messages are displayed as flash notifications. This functionality closely resembles receiving new message notifications on a locked mobile phone.

Please follow the steps below to send app notifications/Flash:

Step 1: Login to ADDA -->>Admin -->> Units & Users -->> Broadcast

Step 2: Select the filter (For e.g. All Users, All Owners, All Tenants etc.) to whom the message should reach.

Step 3: Select 'App Notification / Flash'
Step 4: Enter the message to be sent to the users -->>Send.

We also have a quick way to send instant notifications from the Admin Dashboard, on clicking this it will direct you to the path wherein you just need to enter the message and click on send.