How can admin process a helpdesk ticket?

How can admin process a helpdesk ticket?

Helpdesk Tickets needs to be processed in order to ensure that your resident is updated about all the latest updates on their issue. Follow the below steps to process a helpdesk ticket:

Step 1. After logging in, Go to Admin>> HelpDesk Tracker>> Open Tickets.

Step 2. Click on the “View”option of the ticket that you wish to process.

A separate window pops up, here you can change the category(In progress/On Hold/ Closed)of the ticket accordingly from Status option.

Step 3. Change the Status from New to In-progress

Step 4: (Optional) Tag the ticket to any  Asset if any asset is involved from Asset Involved drop down. (Assets can be added from Asset & Inventory Tracker module)

Step 5: Add the ticket updates in Add a Note section.

Step 6: Click Save Changes. Once the changes are made, an Email notification will be sent to the user who has raised the ticket.

FYI:Once the work/issue is resolved, ensure change the status from In progress to Closed. The primary owner of the flat will get all the SMS/email alerts/updates of the ticket.