How to manage staff check in/out through ADDA Gatekeeper?

How to manage staff check in/out through ADDA Gatekeeper?

All staff data can be pre-updated on ADDA through Staff Manager module.

Gatekeeper app fetches the data from Staff Manager.

Security guard can just Search Staff with name or Badge no. and check-in.

Similarly, while checking out guard can search the Staff with name or Badge no. and click check-out.


Note: Badge No. is a unique identity no. allocated to a staff entering an apartment.

Time taken by security will go down with a simple check-in/out process.

Based on the staff check-in/out, the staff attendance report is generated on ADDA.

Individual residents can check their respective staff's attendance from their resident page.

Also, society can manage payment of staff in their payroll (Like- Security guards, Managers), based on this attendance report.

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