How to lodge a Helpdesk Request on ADDA App?

How to lodge a Helpdesk Request on ADDA App?

Helpdesk requests are raised to your management committee if you wish to bring their attention to issues related to your unit (For example Common Area Maintenance, Issues related to your maintenance dues, etc).

Once you lodge a Helpdesk request, you will be notified over the ADDA App with all the real-time updates around it.

Follow these simple steps to lodge a Helpdesk request using your  ADDA App:

Step 1: Log in to the ADDA App -->>On the "Home" screen, click on "Helpdesk" -->> Click on "Raise Request".


Step 2: Mention your request, and select your Unit number & Category. Also, add a Photo of the request if required. Enable the checkbox "Mark as Urgent" if you want immediate attention to your request. Click on "POST" once all the required details are added.