How to lodge a Helpdesk complaint on ADDA App?

How to lodge a Helpdesk complaint on ADDA App?

If you wish to lodge complaints about issues related to your unit (For example Common Area Maintenance, Issues related to your maintenance dues, etc) to your association admin, you can get in touch with them via internal Helpdesk tickets.

Follow these simple steps to lodge a Helpdesk ticket using your  ADDA App:

Step 1: Login to theADDA App -->Click on "More" from the Toolbar --> Click on Helpdesk.

Step 2:. Click on "+" to raise a new Helpdesk ticket.
    • Select the Category from the drop-down list accordingly.Choose your unit number, mention your issue along with the  photos(Optional).
    • Mark the issue as “Urgent”, if the issue needs immediate  attention.
    • Click on Post and your community Manager will be instantly notified and your issue will be addressed.

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