How to delete a Journal Entry?

How to delete a Journal Entry?

Please follow the below steps to reverse Journal Entries:

Step 1: Login to ADDA -->> Admin -->> General Ledger -->> Journal Entries.

Step 2: Click on "Old Journal Entries".

Note: Old journal entries will be shown on screen from the start date of the current financial year to date.

Step 3: Select the date range and click on the "Fetch Report" button if you are not able to see the Journal Entry on-screen which needs to reverse.

Step 4: Decide which entry needs to reverse.

Step 5: Click on the "Delete" button of the respective journal entry row.

Step 6: Respond "OK" to "Are you sure, you want to delete the journal entry?"

Step 7: Journal Entry has been voided.
Note: Now the deleted entry disappeared in the list of journal entries already showing.


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