How to define/add domestic staff categories?

How to define/add domestic staff categories?

1. Go to Admin >> Staff Manager >> View All >> click on Setup tab.
2. Here different categories can be added. Eg. security, Gardener, Housekeeping, etc.
3. Click on 'Save Changes'.
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    • How to add domestic staff?

      Please follow the steps below to add domestic staff for your ADDA: Admin >> Staff Manager >> Active >> Add Staff >> Update the Staff Name,Badge Number, staff category and other information >> Add staff.
    • How to add Unit Categories?

      To add the unit categories, kindly follow the below steps: Go to Income Tracker>>Track units>>Unit categories>>Add the category>>Save. The same categories will reflect under Track units>>Unit, to categorise the units.
    • Who can add Helpdesk Categories?

      New Helpdesk Categories can be added by your Admin. Please contact your Management committee with your suggestions to add new Helpdesk categories. Try out ADDA APP  and  connect with your Neighbourhood on the go ! If You have any Queries Please Raise ...
    • How to edit the domestic staff details?

      Please follow the steps below to edit the domestic staff details: Admin >> Staff Manager >> Active >> Click on the more details of the staff you wish to update, update the information >> Save changes.        
    • Where to store the details of a temporary domestic staff ?

      1. Go to Admin >> Staff Manager >> Temp. 2. Click on "Load Temp Staff". 3. Click on "Add Staff", a separate window pops up and you can fill in the required staff details 4. Click the "Add staff" button.