How to create ledger account?

How to create ledger account?

Step 1: Go to Admin -->> General Ledger -->> Chart of Accounts

Step 2: Select the respective option from Asset/Liabilities/Income/Expense for type of ledger account you want to create. 
Step 3: Select the Group from "Group" list box.

Step 4: Enter account number in "GL Account No." column next to Group selected.
Note A: "GL Account No" must be unique and should not be entered which is already in use.
Note B: "GL Account No" should be enter by adding 1 in last highest GL Account No is in use to maintain the sequence and it should not be any random number.

Step 5: Enter account name which need to created under "Account Name" column.

Step 6: While creating ledger account in the nature of "Income" or "Expense", Please select "Default Bank Account" from list box to associate with respective income or expense ledger account.

Step 7: Save Changes. 

Note: Once you select the bank account with respective income or expense account, the default bank will be associated to make payment with or to get amount in respective bank while faster data entry but user will be able to select other bank from list while making data entry.  "

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