How to communicate/broadcast with the users?

How to communicate/broadcast with the users?

There are various applications available on ADDA to communicate with your residents. You can use Broadcast, Announcements and Conversations(Forums).


Here are the steps to use Broadcast feature:

Step 1: Login to ADDA -->>Admin -->> Units & Users -->> Broadcast

Step 2: Select the filter (For e.g. All Users, All Owners, All Tenants etc.) to whom the message should reach.

Step 3: We have 4 means available to broadcast with your residents that are Email, General SMS, Essential SMS & App Notifications / Flash.

Email: You can utilize this feature to send official communications to users via email. It functions similarly to a standard email option, allowing you to customize the subject and email content. Moreover, you have the flexibility to schedule the email delivery for either immediate or future sending.

General SMS: Using this option, you will be able to type your own message and send to the users. 

Note: General SMS will not be delivered to users who have opted to not receive SMS as per DnD / TRAI regulations. As far as possible, please use Essential SMS Templates for 100% Delivery. Essential SMS will be delivered to users even if they are registered with DnD.

Essential SMS: ADDA will provide preapproved templates in accordance with TRAI regulations. These templates will contain specific details based on the category, with the remaining information to be filled in by the Admin.

App Notifications/Flash: In case the Admin needs to deliver an urgent message to users, they can utilize App Notifications/Flash. With this feature, a notification will be sent on the App, while a flash message will appear on the ADDA portal when users log in.

Step 4: You can schedule to deliver the message Right Now or Later.

Step 5. Click on the preview option to check the email and then click on send option to send.

You can also view the quick methods available on the admin dashboard to send SMS, Instant App Notifications, Notices, etc.

2. Announcements:

Please follow the below steps to Post a Announcements:

Step1:Login to ADDA >> Admin >> Dashboard >> You will Find "Post Notice" on Right Hand side, Click on Same.

Step 2:Select the Announcement Type as Administrative/General/Buy/Sell/Rent >> Enter the Brief Description >> Select Expiry Date >> Reply to email >> Select the Announcement Recipients >> And write detailed description >> Attach if any documents are there >> Post.   


       Admin will also have option to discuss with all user using conversation option which is available on the Resident Application. 
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