How to bank reconcile transaction in bulk through excel sheet?

How to bank reconcile transaction in bulk through excel sheet?

If want to do bulk bank reconciliation in excel (Offline Reconciliation) and then upload to ADDA system again, please use this feature. It will allow you to export the statement to your local system to reconcile it offline in excel.

Step 1: Downloading base data to reconcile.

  1. Login to ADDA -->> Admin -->> Bank & Cash -->> Bank & Cash Accounts
  2. Select the Date Range
  3. Select the Bank A/c
  4. Click on "Non reconciled Transactions.
  5. Click on "Fetch Transaction"
  6. Click on “Export to Excel:”. A new window will appear and will say to save the same file.
  7. Give the path in your local system, where to save this file.

Step 2: Marking changes in Excel file for Reconcilation.

  1. Once file saved, open the same file with Microsoft excel
  2. Set the respective flag in “SetReconcileFlag(Y/N)*” Column where the reconciliation to do.
  3. Enter ReconcileAsOf Date in “SetReconcileAsOf(dd/mm/yyyy)*” Column in the format shown.
  4. Save the file in .csv format using File -> Save as in Microsoft Excel.

Step 3: Uploading the reconciled file in excel to ApartmentAdda System.

  1. Click on “Import Excel with Reconciled Data” to upload the file.
  2. Browse the reconciled file from local computer.
  3. Click on “Upload Document”.
  4. Once upload is successful, system will through number of “Total Transactions Un-Reconciled”, “Total Transactions Reconciled” and “Total Transactions Ignored”.
  5. Close the window showing number of the transaction.
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