How can admin approve a user on ADDA?

How can admin approve a user on ADDA?

Users can be introduced to ADDA by joining your community through the ADDA homepage or ADDA App. Existing users can also include their family members or tenants via the ADDA App. These individuals will appear in the 'Units & Users >> Unapproved' section. As an administrator, it's important to regularly review and verify this list of unapproved users.

Here are the steps to verify the Unapproved Users: 
Step 1: Login to ADDA >> Admin  >> Units & Users >> Unapproved Users.

Step 2: Search for the User to be verified and click on View button. 

Step 3: Within the new window, review the user's essential information, including their name, email address, phone number, unit number, and address proof documents.

Once approved, the user will be informed via email automatically with a temporary password. You can check the user under approved users list.

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