How to add users in batch/bulk?

How to add users in batch/bulk?

In the initial phase, you can onboard users in large groups by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to ADDA -->> Admin -->> Units & Users -->>Add Users

Step 2: Scroll down little to find 'Mass upload' >> Upload Member Data >> Download the CSV template by clicking on ''Excel Template'. 

Step 3: Fill the rows with resident information such as User's Name, Unit No(Block & Unit/Flat No), Occupancy Status(Owner/Owner's Family/Tenant/Tenant's Family), Phone Number with ISD Code, & email id of the user. 

1. Do not edit or delete the header line
2. Make sure you save the filled template as a CSV file and not as an XLS file or any other format. 

Step 3: After filling the required details, Click on 'Upload the filled template' button and upload CSV file.

Step 4: The data becomes visible within the 'Add Users' section, providing a preview. 

Step 4:  You have the option to edit or make changes to the records, and once you are content with them, you can proceed by clicking 'Create User Accounts.' Please note that this step may require some time as user accounts are generated within your ADDA, and emails will be sent to the respective residents.

Please do not refresh the screen till the process is complete.

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