How to add users in batch/bulk?

How to add users in batch/bulk?

Please follow the below steps to add users in Bulk:

Step 1: Log in to ADDA -->> Admin -->> Units & Users -->>Add Users, and download the excel template present under the Mass Upload section.

Step 2: Fill the rows with resident information. (Note: Do not edit or delete the header line). If the resident is the owner of the apartment, enter “Owner” and if he is a tenant, enter “Tenant” in the Owner/Tenant Column. Make sure you save the filled template as a CSV file and not as an XLS file or any other format.

Step 3: Click on Upload the filled template button and upload your file. The data shows up under the Add Users section. The residents have not yet been added to your ADDA.
Step 4: You can edit or modify the records and once you are satisfied click Create User Accounts. This step will take some time because user accounts are being created in your ADDA and emails will be sent to the respective residents.
Please do not refresh the screen till the process is complete.

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