How to add Assets on ADDA?

How to add Assets on ADDA?

ADDA provides you with the facility to add assets which belong to your apartment complex (eg: Gym equipment, Office electrical, etc). This will help you with the details of the assets like the last AMC has done, the cost of the assets, etc.

Step 1: Log in to ADDA -->>  Admin -->> Asset & Inventory -->> Setup -->> Add all the Asset Categories (e.g. Lifts, Electrical Devices, Housekeeping etc) -->> Once Asset categories are added click on "Save Changes".

Step 2:  Once you have added all the asset categories you need to add assets within those categories. To add assets to those categories, Click on Assets Tab -->> Active Assets -->> Add Assets. A new window pops up, wherein you can provide all the asset details such as Asset Name, Asset Tag Number, Vendor Name, Asset Category, Location, Purchase Date & Asset Cost. Once all the Asset details are added click on "Create Asset".

Step 3: For the particular Asset if you wish to add more details like Subcomponents, Vendor Contacts, Service history, Alerts, Scanned documents & Related Tickets for that particular Asset -->> Click on "More Details". Once the details are added click on "Save Changes".


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