How is the Setup ADDA Profile used?

How is the Setup ADDA Profile used?

Every ADDA has a public-facing Website showing its Location, Amenities and Contact detail. The landing page also has a "Join" link where residents can Join their ADDA by updating the details.

This website can be customized by Admin through the 'Setup ADDA Profile' module:

  • Under the Home tab, you can update the Welcome message for outsiders, instructions for owners/tenants to join your ADDA, status of your Project (if it is under construction), etc.

  • Under Images Tab You can upload up to 6 images of your choice that will be shown as a gallery on the landing page.


  • Under the Location Tab, you can map the location of your society which will show on the landing page. Here you can update the Address, Association Name, Url, Amenities, Latitude, and Longitude, etc.

    The link to the landing page can be accessed by clicking on your Apartment name is shown on your top-left panel.

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