How does the purchase request feature work?

How does the purchase request feature work?

Document generated by a user department or storeroom-personnel to notify the purchasing department of items it needs to order, their quantity, and the time frame. It may also contain the authorization to proceed with the purchase. Also called Purchase Request or requisition.

Please follow the below steps to set up the same for your ADDA:

(A)Add all the vendors associated with your ADDA:

Please follow the steps below to add vendors to your ADDA.

Login to Admin >>Expense Tracker>>By vendor>>When you scroll down you will find an option to Add Vendors.

(B) Assign Approver Levels for Purchase Request :

Please follow the steps below to assign approver levels for the purchase request:

Login to Admin>>Dashboard >>Expense Tracker>>Setup>>Here you will find a section to assign levels for purchase request. (c) Create the Purchase request for your ADDA:

Login to Admin>>Dashboard >>Expense Tracker>>Purchase Request>>Create Purchase Request.

Once the Purchase request is created it will be going to all the approvers of the purchase request that you chose in step (B) for approval. Till the approval is done the purchase request will appear in Open Purchase Request Tab. Once they are approved they will appear in Closed Purchase Request Tab.

We also have an option to add an attachment once the 1st level approval is done i.e attachments can be also be attached by level 2 & 3 approvers.


(D) To create invoice once the purchase request is closed

Login to Admin>>Dashboard>>Expense Tracker>>Purchase request>>Select the tab "Closed Purchase Request">>Select the required purchase request and click on view.Once you click on view select "Create Invoice" Option to create the required invoice.