How does ADDA support function?

How does ADDA support function?

ADDA Support Structure


1. Dedicated Support Specialist:

The customer will be given a single point of contact and the following two levels of escalation: 

Level 1: Support Point Of Contact

Level 2: Deployment Manager

Level 3: Senior Manager

Business Hours - Monday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

2. WhatsApp Support: During Implementation for 30 Days


The WhatsApp support will be available for a month during the implementation to discuss and address your high priority concerns. Post that, the WhatsApp support will be dissolved and you will be directed to our official communication/Digital Support channels.


3. Digital Support:

(i) Software Help tickets
If you have any questions related to the ADDA product, you can submit a support ticket at any time using the link below: SOFTWARE HELP  or send us an email on

 (ii) Scheduled Call Support

For any further phone support, we request you to intimate us in advance through SOFTWARE HELP  or send us an email on and we shall arrange the call.

(iii) Emergency Support

You can contact your ADDA Support Point Of Contact or the Escalation Point Of Contact for any emergency assistance.

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