How do I login to ADDA?

How do I login to ADDA?

Once the ADDA App is downloaded, go to your ADDA App >> Enter your Email id and password as registered with your ADDA >> Click on Login.
Login to ADDA from anywhere and at any time. Below is the stepwise guidance :

Step 1: Download the ADDA app   

To log in with your Mobile number:
Enter your mobile no. with Country code. This will generate an OTP to your Mobile no.Enter the OTP and you are IN.

To log in with your Email ID:
Enter your registered Email-id and Password. And you are inside your ADDA. You can also try to login through

Note: Issues you can face while logging
    1. The email id/ password can be incorrect : Please recheck your  login credentials in such cases.
    2. You must have forgotten your password when you try to login using email id: To get a temporary password over your registered email id click on “Forgot Password”.

The best way to login recommended by us is using “Phone Number”. You don't need to remember your password, you can simply login using your phone number and OTP.

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