How can Admin add users to ADDA?

How can Admin add users to ADDA?

Administrators can directly add users to ADDA when there is a new owner/tenant by following the steps below:

Step 1: After logging in, go to Admin >> Units & Users>> ADD Users.

Step 2: Fill all the information such as Name, Block, Flat No., Mobile No., Intercom, User Status, if Owner/Tenant/Owner Family/Tenant Family & Email Id.

Step 3: Select "Also send Invites" if you want to send invite email automatically which contains User Id & Temp Password >>  Click on Create user account.

The user added will be listed on the Units & Users >> Approved User list.

P.S. The User also can add members to their unit using their ADDA App, please refer to the FAQ link to view the steps for the same:
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