How can Admin add users to ADDA?

How can Admin add users to ADDA?

Please follow the steps below to add users to your ADDA:

Step 1: Log in to ADDA, go to Admin >> Units & Users >> Add Users.

Step 2: Fill in all the information such as Name, Block, Flat No., Mobile No., Intercom, Select the Membership Status & Email id.

Note: If users are added by office staff, the user will be listed under Unapproved users. You can approve the user from the Unapproved tab.  
This is the official record of Owners and Tenants in the Community. Ensure that membership status is chosen correctly.

Step 3: Click on Create user account.

Step 4: The User added will be listed under Units & Users>>Approved Users

P.S. The User also can add members to their unit using their ADDA App, please refer to the FAQ link to view the steps for the same:
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