How can admins create groups for Admins/Management Committee only? How does this feature work?

How can admins create groups for Admins/Management Committee only? How does this feature work?

By using Groups, Management committee can have discussions within the Group without them being exposed to the entire community. Group members can interact via email, through the portal or through App.

Please follow below steps to create a group of the management committee :

1. Login to MyADDA (Resident view).
2. Select the tab for Groups under My ADDA Page.
3.Click on Create group.

4. Enter Group name, description, and select Group type as “Restricted”. and click Create.

5. After Group is created, Click on the Pencil symbol(To Edit).

6. Enable Smart Sub-group checkbox.
7. Choose the option of All Owners are automatically added to this sub-group.
8. Save.

Note :  When a Group is created, the system generates a generic group id in the format:; and this is will be mailed to all group members.

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