Admin Features

Admin Features

1. Unit & Users: The central database of Owners, Tenants & Office Staff.
  • Approve awaiting approval users
  • Add new users
  • View/ edit/ deactivate user database
  • Setup access for Management Committee and Office staff.
  • Send Invites to Residents
  • Send Broadcast Email/SMS/Flash/App Notification
  • Fetch users based on different filters like owners, tenants, Users with no mobile numbers or invalid email ids, etc.
  1. Helpdesk Tracker: The Online Complaint Register of your Society.
  • Setup Helpdesk Tracker categories like Electrical, Plumbing, Parking, Finance, Security, House Keeping, Common area maintenance, etc.
  • Assign Level 1 owners to these helpdesk categories, i.e, the User who should get an Email/SMS notification whenever a Ticket of this Category is lodged.
  • Setup escalation matrix for each helpdesk category by assigning Level 2 and Level 3 owners. Hence an email will go to higher Levels, if the ticket has not been updated in the requisite number of days.
  • Fetch open tickets. Print Job card for staffs like electrician or carpenter. Update tickets with latest status.
  1. Asset & Inventory Tracker: Information on capital assets and society’s day to day consumables can be maintained here.
  • Setup asset categories like Gym equipments, Swimming pool equipments, Electrical equipments, Gardening tools, etc.
  • And then add assets under respective categories with information Like Asset name, tag number, purchase price & date, scanned documents, Service providers contact detail, Service History of this asset, etc. Also Email or SMS alerts can be setup for preventive maintenance appointments, renewal of AMC contracts etc.
  • Track additions and removal of Inventory, by date and user.
  1. Vendor Master: The central directory of your AMC contacts and other maintenance contacts.
  • Add vendors list for expenses.
  • These vendors contacts can be assigned to designated Assets in Asset Tracker
  1. Projects & Meetings: Project can be used for any work happening in society. And Meetings can be used to organize a Managing Committee, Only owners or the complete Society Meet.
  • Add Projects such as construction, Painting work, Water Harvesting project etc. Add members to the project. Post your updates under these projects, like responsibilities of project members, latest project status, etc.
  • Create Meetings with agendas. Send invites to attendees like all owners or only association committee and office staff. After meeting update minutes of the meeting and resolution for each agenda. Share the finalized meeting report with all attendees.
  1. Facility & Activity: Facility can be the services/benefits availed by the residents by booking them in advance. And Activity can be used to showcase all the classes or events happening in your complex with the residents.
  • Add facilities like Club house, Function Hall, TT court, etc. and setup charges based on hour/day/slot. Hence residents can book and pay accordingly.
  • Setup Regular or One-time activities like Dance classes, Painting classes or New Year event. Residents can have a quick look of the activities happening in the complex in a calendar view and mark themselves as attending or not attending.
  1. Parking Manager: For tracking Vehicles, Parking Slots, and RFID Tags in one place.  Also gets list of all allotted and Un allotted parking Slots.
  • Add available parking slots. Assign vehicles to it with details like vehicle no., sticker no., 4W/2W, etc.
  • Track all allotted and un-allotted parking slots and transfer slots from one flat to another when required.
  1. Staff Manager: Tracker of all staffs including domestic and office staffs, who move in to your society frequently.
  • Add staff categories like Cook, Maids, Drivers, Security Guards, Administrative staff, etc.
  • Add staff accounts under respective categories with information like staff name, unique badge no., contact details, qualification, skills and flats they work in.
  • Print staff badge with staff photo and flat no. they work in.
  • Track attendance in case ‘Gatekeeper’ is being used.
  1. Notice Manager: Post notices with or without charges.
  • Admins can post notice with attachment for all users.
  • For notices posted by other users (not admins), goes through approval process before it gets published online. Hence if required admin can charge residents for publishing notices online.
  10. Admin Files: Admin Files can be used to store Files like By-Laws, MOM, reference documents such as Sale Deed copies, etc.
  • Store/Share files amongst Admins only
  • Share files with only owners or all residents
  • Share flat specific files with concerned Owner only.
  11. Online Ballot: Online voting for the election of Management Committee or Executive Committee.
  • The election officer sets up the poll with various settings - e.g., one vote per flat.
  • Once poll is closed, the scores and attendance reports are readily available and can be printed by the election officer alone.
  12. Setup ADDA Profile: Public facing Website showing your ADDA’s Location, Amenities and Contact detail.
  • Setup Welcome message for outsiders, instructions for owners/tenants to join your ADDA, status of your Project (if it is under construction) etc.
  • Upload images of your society that will be shown as gallery in landing page
  • Set location of your society which will show in the landing page. Update the Address, Association Name, Url, Amenities, Latitude and Longitude etc.
  13.Move IN/Out Tracker: Track the move in and out of new owners or tenants in your society.
  • Setup Move in form and Move in checklist
  • Setup Move out form and Move out checklist.
  • Based on forms submitted by moving in/out user, activate/deactivate the ADDA access.
  14.Admin Reports: Well customized and useful live reports are available that presents all master data & transactional data for admins to track various parameters such as Residents List, Flat information, Vehicle report, Maintenance Fee defaulters, Cash Flow report, Expense report etc.
  • Schedule reports for association committee.
  • Publish to notice board to share with all users.

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